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Mayan Abdominal Massage (Arvigo techniques) 

Mayan Abdominal Massage, Arvigo techniques connecting our sacred heart & womb space, nourishing our hips, sacrum & pelvic bowl, bellies & balancing our deep feminine cycles. Honoring the feminine at all stages of life. This is womb care. Emotional, spiritual, physical clearing of energies as we flush out old toxic feelings and let go, release and heal the waters. Because understanding how emotions and energy levels influence health and wellbeing is everything. The body houses them whether we are aware of it or not. This can turn into pain, suffering and dis-ease. A truly holistic approach to health will look at the physical & emotional. This treatment will address both, providing a tool to create a positive relationship with the body. 

Through this gentle treatment we can help correct misplaced uterus & relieve swelling in congested areas. By optimizing the free flow of blood, nerve, lymph, and energy, the body has an opportunity to find balance & health.

It is believed by the Mayan Shamans that when a woman's uterus is out of balance or displaced, so will her life be… and this is where this treatment shines.


Through working into the abdomen it is possible to achieve and maintain homeostasis -balance within and hemodynamics-good blood circulation. As we achieve balance, we enjoy optimum health, a way to achieve this is to ensure the free flow of the 5 systems of flow in the body.


  • Increases the 5 systems of flow; arterial blood, venous blood, lymph, nerve, energy (lifeforce)

  • Balances the uterus into the centre of the pelvic bowl.

  • Supports fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum recovery.

  • Improves digestion & releases a tight diaphragm.

  • Removes congestion

  • Helps regulate menstrual cycle, supports menopause 

  • Relieves tension,  aids in painful periods & in hormone balance

  • Helps to break down scar tissue.

  • Restores nerve flow.

New Fertility Package!

Fertility Healing 

3 Sessions


2.5hr experience of our Mayan Abdominal massage for 1.5hrs + 15 min consult

with a signature Womb / Yoni Steam for 45 minutes

Total $630 (valued at $660)

To be used in 2 months

Mayan Full Body Pregnancy Massage

1.5hr Experience the full Mayan Abdominal Massage (Arvigo techniques) with the Hawaiian Heartworks Lomi Lomi Massage with sacred Prayers for the mother and baby, Tibetan bowls and nourishing Organic Oils. Available From 17 weeks of pregnancy onwards.

Pregnancy Package

3 sessions // $400 (Valued at $420)

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